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Social Styles Diagram

Social Styles – which one are you? Merril and Reid’s work on identify social styles helps you to identify your preferences – the style you generally display and deploy at work.  Your social style is how you act routinely which will naturally carry with …

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Advocacy for a Change! - new research paper

‘Case’, ’cause’ and ‘class’ advocacy are important methods for helping disadvantage groups make change and improve their lives. In fact they were the original foundations of the social work profession.  This research paper Advocacy for a Change best pr …

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Want a solution to the biggest primary care problem? try social prescribing.

Social Prescribing tackles primary care problems in a unique way and it helps patients transform their lives.  The big problem that we tolerate is spending a big chunk of the NHS budget on GP services when 20% of the service, at the very least, is not …

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8 ways to win a funding bid

 Jim offers some tips on composing any funding or contract bid.  Having won many highly competitive funding bids and contracts from the likes of government departments , CCGs, Local Authorities, Big Lottery, trusts and the like these 8 tips summarise t …

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'Management' - where did it come from?

‘Management’ is one of the most enduring and pervasive social ideas of our time – yes, it is social idea and social ideal.  For good or ill it pervades working life, organisations, economics and consumption as well as our cherished public institutions …

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Trust and Innovation - How to Make the Match

Staff don’t trust each other enough and this stifles performance and innovation.  Psychologically safe teams and bottom up innovation are solutions to the trust and innovation conundrums and this paper develops and models these issues with statistical …

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