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About the Resources Library

The Resources area of this website provides all kinds of interesting small articles, training and learning tools, research papers and ‘think-pieces’ plus other materials that are all free to use (for non-commercial purposes).

Subjects range across all kinds of topics from public sector management and citizenship through to group theory and assertiveness skills.  These materials have all been used in one or more of these contexts: organisational learning and development, practice research and dissemination, policy-making, university masters courses and journalism.  Many excellent people – thinkers, researchers and ‘people-work’ practitioners – were involved in conceiving these ideas, tools, commentaries and essays.

You are free to download these resources along with other samples from Jim Simpson Consultancy.  We ask that you observe copyright and that:

a) The author or authors and sources are cited at all times and

b) That material is not used or re-produced for any kind of commercial purposes or personal gain.  All Resources are Creative Commons copyrighted details of which can be found at

The Resources Library has been divided into five sections: