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Evaluation matters! refresher, introduction and training exercise

Have you done evaluation before or are you a newcomer? Either way you have evaluated and you have some evaluation skills ever since you first posed a ‘Why…mum?’ question.   What is evaluation and why bother (training) is a short 3 page guide that will help you to get started with structured visioning at the start of something or post-hoc evaluation at the end of something.  It will help you to evaluate any activity – in your worklife, your education, your personal life, your management – anything really as this guide is about first principles.  The 3 page guide is illuminating for the new reader as well as refreshing for the old-hand the document also has a short guide to a training exercise attached to it.  Where do I start with evaluating anything? Well, the answer is to question yourself in a rigorous way, interrogating whatever it is you are doing now, and questioning what you might want to do next.

What evaluation means is discussed and made practical for you whether you are looking at evaluation at the individual level, project level, organisation level or in a broader environment. It can be use for Rapid Evaluation; Research Planning; Performance Auditing; and sitting on your own with a pen and paper trying to figure something out! You might want an example of an evaluation report. There are thousands of course. Here’s two of ours: Reaching Families Amaze survey report 2016 _6_; Community House Evaluation Report.  ….and by the way we are all really pleased that the Community House has been re-funded through Big Lottery and Worthing Homes since the evaluation was completed.

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