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The 4 'Learning Styles'; make a difference by discovering which are yours.

!cid_image004_jpg@01CE5325Learning style is a preference ingrained in you and drawn from your whole life experience.  Your preferred style determines how you go about learning and doing every day, quite unconsciously.  In turn, how you learn might also make a difference to how you do your job, or even what job you choose to do.  Here is an example of one done recently.

Hi Jim,

Good to see you.  I dug out a Honey and Mumford test and you were right out of I came out strongly for reflector (10/10!) and theorist (9/10) and a lot less for the others.  There should be a picture here.

It surprised me because it’s not my impression of how I learn.  Thinking about it (he said in a reflective kind of way), I’m actually very different in a classroom setting, when I just want to get stuck in and do stuff, to how I am in the rest of life, when I want to think about it and get the ‘right answer’ first.

The questions were more about real life “I quite like to take risks” for example.  I put a ‘no’ for that.  But in a classroom, I’m totally up for volunteering to screw something up and learn by doing…….

I did this one by hand then typed it into Excel to make a pretty graph

But there are similar online ones



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