Developing People Organisations and Communities

Practicing Public Participation guide1

This is one of the series of six papers: ‘Empowerment Tools’ recently refreshed all of which are listed and linked below. Recently I used these with clients in East London.

Empowering people, groups and communities works at many levels and it is important to be dialogue competent – engaging people appropriately in co-developing human services or whatever activity it is that you deliver or want to see happen.  The process of empowerment operates in different ways informing and engaging; consulting; involving; and collaborating (developed in the paper below).   Each process involves different ways of sharing influence, power and control and each step has a value in and of itself as well as implied promises of commitments from whoever is doing the consulting and dialogue. All of this is explained in this short paper:

Empowerment Tools 2 – Practicing participation, methods and stages

Links to other mini-papers and learning resources in the Empowerment Tools series:

Involving All the Players

Healthy Partnerships Checklist

Consumer or Citizen:  the difference in theory and practice

Social Capital and Public Sector Professional Work

Also these materials are reflected upon in a paper that develops a new and more effective approach to managing public resources and services:

Discovering New Public Management

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