Developing People Organisations and Communities


Organisational Development

Development of organisations, services, projects and people:

  • Team and organisation development
  • Service design and development
  • Business plans, feasibility studies and delivery plans
  • Fund-raising, bid writing, financial planning
  • Communications and PR

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Research in order to evaluate activities and services; test ideas and strategies; gather opinions or idea-resources; and implement strategy:

  • Evaluation of performance: including views from users, customers and professional/colleague viewpoints and self-evaluation techniques
  • Policy research and practice research assignments (e.g. services management, health, social care, local government, third sector, training and learning)
  • Consultation and user-involvement (communities, service users, customers)

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Learning through supervision, coaching, practice reflection, training sessions, conferencing and action learning:

  • One-to-one ‘role supervision’ and coaching/mentoring
  • Team/group focus sessions and evaluations
  • Group facilitation and planning
  • Running events, Open Space, conferences and seminars

(Separate from Consultancy Services Jim publishes articles and a recent book in management and social science topics)

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