Latest News: Tribute to Barry Hulyer, Community Developer

Jim Simpson

Jim Simpson

Management teacher, University of Sussex

Today brings some very sad news. Barry Hulyer – a community star and inspiration – has died.
Way back in the 1980s I was lucky to work with Barry and be trained by him. We worked on many projects together. Anti damp (housing) campaigns; launching and raising money for St Richards community centre and loads of other work developing the community projects family in Brighton and Hove and beyond.
I remember Barry as such an inspiration and he was incredibly important to me as a young person.  I am not ashamed to say that aged 19 I accidentally once called  him Dad by mistake. He dined out on that one for a while 🙂
Many other people will feel the same way I do and have also had the good fortune to have been inspired by Barry.
So much  high-quality community development and improvements to neighbourhoods in the city of Brighton and Hove – lasting and deep rooted ones – have come about because of Barry and his trail-blazing work.  His bold master stroke of founding and creating the Trust for Developing Communities was a brilliant endeavour.  Barry was indeed bold, courageous and single-minded. Everything he did was driven by the desire to make things better for other people. This value put into action  in so many brilliant ways was truly inspirational.
So many of us have so much to thank Barry for. The city has much to thank him for. He was loved  and appreciated by many. Rest in peace dear Barry.

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