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The Resources Library provides all kinds of interesting small articles, training and learning tools, research papers and ‘think-pieces’ plus other materials that are all free to use (for non-commercial purposes).

Securing Our Future Health, Engagement Comes First!

One of the most thorough research journeys taken into our future health and social care needs identified public engagement as one of the most dependent factors.  This little 2 pager introduces Wanless’s three contrasting scenarios for “Securing Our Future Health” and gives some contextual examples of where we are now. Securing our Future Health…Engagement Comes First

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Public Sector Management – Masters Module

This pack introduces theoretical under-pinning for the existence of the public sector. It introduces historical, economic, political-economic and organisational theories and explanatory ideas. It was compiled for management students but suitable for any intermediate level upwards. Public Sector Theory and History MBA reading group

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