Day: April 22, 2011

Counselling Evaluation Form

This is an example of a  counselling evaluation form that can be used to find out how clients respond to their counselling session. This form was developed with the Parent and Family Care Foundation. Counselling Evaluation Form

Counselling Questionnaire

This document is an evaluation questionnaire for use with people who are seeking professional help with counselling and personal support. It is used for evaluation purposes as well as diagnostic help for the individual and the professional counsellor/support worker. Counselling Questionnaire  

Assertiveness Quiz

This is a short questionnaire that tests your assertiveness.  It can be used as part of a training workshop or used really quickly for individual assessment, training or a bit of fun! Assertiveness Quiz

Apraisal for Managers

This download provides a framework for managers when giving appraisal and continual professional development. It is adapted from some work with the charity Carousel. CPD identifies the activities needed in order that staff can continually improve their effectiveness, achieve and grow. Appraisal for managers

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