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The Resources Library provides all kinds of interesting small articles, training and learning tools, research papers and ‘think-pieces’ plus other materials that are all free to use (for non-commercial purposes).

Back for the Future: Sociological Theory and Today’s Big Issues, Sample Chapters

The paperback is now out and available here. If you want to browse a sample chapter than have a look at this Back for the Future! Social Theory Series (sample 2) Here is a sample 12-page chapter. This chapter introduces the concept of sociological investigation;  describes the theoretical approach of Emile Durkheim and the context of his time; and discusses happiness research, the

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Are We Rational Actors or Preferring the Irrational

The Rational Actor – Most of what we do and the decisions and judgement we make are fed and watered by our unconscious, automated thinking. The experts that run our economy, politics and business would have us believe that the world is a rational place. This short essay* shows how we are both rational and

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