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The Resources Library provides all kinds of interesting small articles, training and learning tools, research papers and ‘think-pieces’ plus other materials that are all free to use (for non-commercial purposes).

Including children, BHIP Impact Evaluation report

Here’s a rather interesting and lovely evaluation report describing what play and care means for parents – particularly those who have disabled children and children with an ASD. Brighton and Hove Inclusion Project Impact Evaluation Report BHIP has helped 150 plus families a year with after school care, play and inclusion proper.   Here is their story. It has

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New ‘coachees’ and feedback

I have acquired some new clients recently but there’s always room for more. I am working with people recently on new service delivery, organisational strategy, potential merger and all sorts which is always exciting. It really good fun too to be ranging across all sorts of ‘worlds’ from advocacy, advice and family support to men’s services,

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